Technical Info

Length Hull 10.00 m 32.8 ft
Length overall 12.30 m 40 ft
Waterline Length 9.65/11.20 m 31.6/36.7 ft
Beam Hull 4.20 m 13.8 ft
Beam overall 4.50 m 14.8 ft
Draft 0.42/0.85 m* 1.38/2.8 ft*
Displacement FL 4000 kg 8800 lbs.
Water Ballast 700 L 185 gall.
Fuel Tank 200 L 53 gall.
Fresh water tank 200 L 53 gall
Air draft 13.60 m 44.6 ft
Creep height 2.80 m 9.2 ft
Mainsail 26 m2 280 ft2
Self-tacking stay sail 21 m2 226 ft2
Head sail (2x Code Zero) 43 m2 458 ft2
Close hauled sail area 47 m2 452 ft2
Beam reach sail area 69 m2 732 ft2
Running sail area 86 m2 925 ft2
I 12.45 m 40.8 ft
J 5.60 m 18.4 ft
P 10.90 m 35.8 ft
E 3.40 m 11.2 ft
Wp photovoltaic panels 1500 W x
Pod motors regeneration 2000 W x
Batteries capacity 20 kWh x
DC generator 48 V 6 kW x
Electric pod motors 2 x 10 kW x
Seawater desalination 60 L/h 16 gall/h
Water ballast pumps (2x) 120 L/min 32 gall/min
* 35 degrees heeling

Technical Specifications

Energy Balance

Polar Diagram

Stability Curve


HReko 1ooo is virtually carbon neutral vessel which in its concept includes some revolutionary ideas and solutions. Innovative and unconventional design approach allowed a number of sought-after features among experienced boaters be realized. The prototype is in final stages of construction. If you find this project interesting and would like to take on the role of a partner, shipbuilder, investor or sponsor, please contact us. I thank my friends who helped me so far in achieving this project: Steve Petrushka, Miljenko Jurasić , Leo Kvarantan, prof. Kai Bernsmann, Sergio Stojnić, Mesut Yasarman, Eric Feurich.