What makes Hreko unique?

Hybrid Stability System

In terms of hull shape, functionality and sailing performance, HReko is a hybrid of a modern racing hull with water ballast and a trimaran.The resulting stability ...


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Sustainable Green Energy

The ecological component of HReko is one of its strongest features. It makes it eco-friendly, autonomic and versatile. At 40% lower displacement compared to boats ...


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Adaptable Rigging

For all wind circumstances and directions, HReko has only three sails which can remain rigged in furls. No sails need to be removed or stowed under deck. The unique head ...


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Tender as Part of The Hull

A RIB like tender stows in reverse into the stern as an integral part of the overall HReko hull. It extends the dynamic waterline considerably, allowing a 10 meter ...


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HReko 1ooo is virtually carbon neutral vessel which in its concept includes some revolutionary ideas and solutions. Innovative and unconventional design approach allowed a number of sought-after features among experienced boaters be realized. The prototype is in final stages of construction. If you find this project interesting and would like to take on the role of a partner, shipbuilder, investor or sponsor, please contact us. I thank my friends who helped me so far in achieving this project: Steve Petrushka, Miljenko Jurasić , Leo Kvarantan, prof. Kai Bernsmann, Sergio Stojnić, Mesut Yasarman, Eric Feurich.